first. Last design is good or bad, directly influences the appearance and comfort of the shoe. 1. Feet there are four arches, front and rear transverse arch, inner and outer longitudinal arch. During foot motion, four bow springs to play role in retarding the recoil. Design last time if hand protruding through the large, long wear shoes made with this last, will cause the anterior transverse arch ligament damage, loss of elasticity, making it SAG, arising from a rear transverse arch and inner longitudinal arch collapsed, forming flat feet. Flat foot makes patients tired pain during movement and stood for a long time. When designing the forefoot Crown,  nike free run 5.0 running shoes according to the foot, cut design. Former rocker, according to the natural pointing to foot, adults the front cutting height control in 15-18, is too high, will result in the forefoot convex spent the major. Pointing higher

after, smaller the forefoot Crown, the former rocker is smaller, so as to ensure the forefoot area, making the wearer buzhiwai feet. 2. Metatarsophalangeal joint is to carry the body weight, and one of the main parts of the work load and walking bent the key parts of the pressing Plantar girth, and physical arrangement reasonable, will affect the wearing comfort and the life of the shoe. Zhi Wei da move, feet inside shoes are unfavourable. After last cutting height generally older n 20-40 is appropriate. II sample design sample nike free run 3 womens running shoes design is a foot-friendly laws, lower extremity Anatomy and kinesiology, materials and processes on the basis of physical design to a link by helping design the design can have a smooth transition to product processing stages in order to produce design products. 1. When designing the shoes, to control the front face of the shoe at the surface length-

position control point at the entrance, because when body squats or leg bent, feet thicker parts of the bending point on the boat. Front entrance of usually less than in length, in order to facilitate foot movement to prevent the tongue or ear shoe grinding parts such as feet, striking the foot. 2. Former faces short shoes, waist help site to increase the left after design, such as bands or small bag, hold the foot to help with design, enable the wearer to walk without effort. Common in women sandal design, narrow strip or short in front of the former, could not lift her foot while walking, dragging the heels and traced, at this time should increase followed the design in the rear. 3. Help after dorsal Raphe nucleus other than high waist and boots are high, low-cut shoes are generally required to control subsequent Raphe height. Especially shoes, shoe because of the Lord, high

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