otherwise just emphasizes the shape of triangular arrangement, actually had a negative feeling of dull and sluggish, but lost its meaning. In addition, note the total to be odd, would feel more than even smoother. Triangular display example 1.Obtuse triangle emphasized the same color shoes and toe towards the Central, but the eyes of consumers, fit for popular news message of upscale merchandise. 2. flow of radioactivity obtuse-angle of an equilateral triangle, a movement, bold, lively feel, suitable for young product. 3. duplicate  nike flyknit lunar 2 womens triangle using appropriate distance, side of the shoe is a scalene triangle, long side of greater emphasis on the texture of the shoe itself. 4. the triangles overlap on its side of the shoe itself is triangular, triangles overlapping with the whole. 5. non-equilateral triangles have the same shape, but have a different color series, uses a stack

manipulation, to be easily did, less onerous. If there were a little more change, could be other small accessories. 6. repeated of triangle purses or shoes of stores in the, often using wall surface show, to repeated triangle, two species merchandise while displayed of way, more can deepened impression, also easily Liu run through merchandise, 7. stereo triangle is stereo of composite type arranged, for made space changes of displayed, also for Yu shop head displayed.. seven, wipe new, and Polish shoes of cleverly method (1) banana skin nike free run contains tannins, used to wipe try shoes (or purses) Shang of oil, can makes leather clean as new. (2) the remaining milk or drink stale milk, recycle leather shoes can prevent cracking. (3) when the shoe, add a few drops of vinegar in the extrusion of shoe Polish, bright and difficult to touch the dust will make the shoes. (4) you want to Polish your

shoes, shoe oil to drip a few drops of water.Old shoes ready shoe Polish and then a layer of floor wax and Polish with a soft cloth. (5) old and old pantyhose or nylons on shoe brush, dip in Polish, shoes can be.Shoes for people is an indispensable everyday products, with the development of human society, it also from the original dynamics of single protection to certain consumer goods. As a designer, have a responsibility to let people enjoy in different environments, function of footwear brings convenience, this requires a scientific and rational in factors that affect footwear comfort there are five main groups: end of shoe last design, sample design, component design, material selection and process design. One last design impact on the comfort shoe last design is based on data from the various parts of the foot, from the perspective of shoe design, which belongs to the

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