measured in inches, the length is 8. 46MM date code: Japan sizes in centimeters as the unit of measure, difference in length each, 10MM. Seven shoe exhibition techniques and examples of beauty is man's high-level requirements, and shoe sale, in addition to its own outside the form, display that exudes the charm of goods, can also increase the added value of products, and improve customer satisfaction. Network sales lately prevailed, but the head of the Home Page seems to emphasize the convenience of online shopping, ignored the merchandising of beauty, let consumers watch Web page, can't feel the difference of goods,  air jordan 6 retro uk causing Chinese consumers to delay a decision to buy. Triangle method consisted in the metropolis and cars full of cement jungles abound, making graphics most of us have stood in a square or rectangular area. In fact, in the field of mathematics, three

points determine a plane, that is to say form stability of the plane of a triangle does not shake, excellent balance, and after watching can feel at ease, safe. Delta form is one of the basic mode of the display. Now explain some of the basic triangle method: 1.Equilateral triangles: equilateral triangle as a front view of the pyramids, which features two symmetrical, can make a perfect balance, gives stability and sense of high style. 1) obtuse triangle (one angle greater than 90 degrees) because of the large opening, even showing steady, calm, steady, solemn, stately feel, suitable for display has the sense of high-priced, high-end goods. air jordan 4 retro uk 2) Acute triangle (all angles less than 90 degrees), vertical height, opening small maximum vertex forming sharp points, emphasizing the Tower vertical vertical line, is avant-garde, Sprint, to emphasize meaning. 2. one side of the equilateral triangle is

longer and attract consumer attention and guide consumer direction, make it Visual movement, for theme, series of commodity groups show, also suitable for longer lengths of product displays. 3. the inverted triangle to man dangerous, unstable, shaky sense of theme suitable for Tong's popular news delivery. But less suitable for stores selling merchandise on display. 4. triangle overlapping higher numbers when merchandise is displayed, and exhibition space is large, you can include different sizes of triangles overlapping, the overall look and feel is still rendering of triangles, and overlapping triangles are used as Visual focal point purposes. 5. repeat the triangle to get the proper distance, repeated a few triangles, like a bunch of the little ducks in line, there is a relaxed, lovely feeling, but note the distance to the right, but also to maintain an appropriate level of space,

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