and theatrical shoes ... ... Third, classified according to different seasons: shoes (spring and autumn seasons), sandals (summer), shoes (winter wear) ... ... Four,Classified by different production processes: the stitching molded shoes, rubber shoes, shoes, shoes, vulcanized shoes ... .... Stitch craft shoes are mostly used in high-end men's shoes and work shoes, organic and hand-sewing sew two. Is characterized by high material requirements, the process is relatively complex, rugged, durable wear. Adhesive technology shoes which  air jordan 3 retro uk is currently a major process of shoe, stretch bonded to the inner end of the upper, outsole uses Chloroprene (strong) adhesive bonding. Outside it is not affected by mold limits at the end of, color transform, and light, is particularly suitable for medium and high-grade color shoes, techniques ... Molded shoe technology, this process is the

upper to the sole directly on metal lasts, and then placed in the cavity at the end of high temperature curing. Molded shoes suitable for everyday wear, moisture-proof, insulated. Injection technique shoes, also known as plastic injection molding process, the business process and the end of molding roughly the same, this shoe, high production efficiency, lower cost, bottom plastics resistant to oils, insulation. This technique is suitable for the production of consumer, travel, insurance and other shoes. Vulcanized shoe technology, this technique is its combination of uppers and midsole, and molded like, its business is not limited air jordan 1 retro uk by cavity at the end of, and late model cut off at the end of the film, bonded by high temperature vulcanization process is the most simple, the most productive, repels moisture, insulation. Suitable for everyday wear, especially for farmers. Weaknesses:

 moulding and moisture permeability is slightly worse. Shoe products name nomenclature, named in the order in accordance with the technical terms for leather shoe industry are: upper material – the upper model – the sole model, process, materials-use objects, footwear category. For example, pig package wrinkled mouth cross-lingual molded male sheep half-tube zipper high heel shoe glue faux leather women's boots at the end of Bull stitch Ridge bar end of tongue-type high-adhesive skinShoes Liu, Chinese shoes, with several foreign key, 1, China shoes, shoes-setting: foot-long cm shoe size based business, foot how much would wear shoes. Several typical shoe size in the world: 2, method code: calculated according to the insole length, its length is 6 1. 67MM Emax: calculated by number of inches long at the end of 1-inch =25. 45MM beautiful code: United States unit sizes are


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