were different, its elongation is also different, and the gap is very large. 3. has the breathability. This feature can make the wearer's sweat, rows of shoes outside the Chamber and make the wearer feel comfortable. 4. good heat-resistance, cold resistance. 5. wear resistance, good punch resistance and ease of processing performance. 6. leather soft, tough, and elasticity and resistance to flexure. Adapted to the physiological needs. 7. in appearance, and is easy to modify shape properties. Characteristics, shall be made of artificial   nike zoom vapor 9.5 tour uk leather, used for artificial leather or imitation leather accessories are called help. According to its structure, synthetic leather and imitation leather can be divided into two types. Synthetic leather features: 1. good corrosion resistance, because the surface is plastic coated, so contact with mild acids and bases, not chemical reactions. And with anti-moth

properties. 2. anti rustling performance, contact with the rustling, cannot penetrate the inner layers. Therefore, when the surface contamination, damp dispatched a small dock, the same luster 3. Surface is smooth and even material, natural leather surface layer defects of disablement. Leather luster appearance, artificial design surface color, pattern. And by the end of basic formation, uniform texture. So ease of mechanization nike mid blazer womens, standardization, and assemblage. 4. poor ventilation, due to the fibrous structure of the base being closed by plastic surface, so compared with natural leather, there is poor ventilation characteristics. 5.Not resistant to heat and cold, which is determined by its material properties. Leather features: body, light weight soft, suitable for moccasins. Strength compared to leather, afraid of scratches, attach the upper structure with multiple reinforcing, to make up for

 its shortcomings. Poor leather breathable moisture wicking properties. Five, classification and nomenclature of shoes made of natural leather, Pu, Pvc and alternative shoes made of leather as the main raw material, leather shoes. Shoes are the four (shoes, shoes, shoes, plastic shoes) in his shoe. It has shaped a strong, beautiful, comfortable, warm, breathable, folding, wear-resistant, labour protection and many other roles. Classified shoes variety, can be based on different objects and different purposes, different seasons and different production process, common methods of classification are: one, according to the different object categories: men's shoes, women's shoes, children's shoes, footwear for the elderly, ethnic minority boots shoes ... ... Second, classified according to different uses: civilian boots, military boots, sneakers, Hugh closed shoes, sports shoes, safety shoes

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